A couple of things to consider this week:


We are in need of tennis ball donations.  Please send in tennis balls if you have them, or happen to have the fortune at this time to buy some from one of your favorite stores:-).  We would greatly appreciate it~


Also, later this week, we will be sending home communication regarding the Better Made Potato Chip Sale.  Keep an eye out.

Reminder:  We have a late start Wednesday! School will start at 9:35.



Hello, Fall!!!!

Just like that, it’s October!!!!!  I love this month because I finally feel as though students have adjusted to routines, and the learning becomes more accelerated!  Everyday, students burst through our doors as bright as the morning sun.  I appreciate their enthusiasm, and all you do as parents to encourage them at home!  Continue to check your student’s teacher blog for weekly updates on what is happening in their classroom.  Teachers have been working so hard to make sure that they give the students their very best, daily.  This week, in fact, they have been working as teams for 3 hours to make sure that what students need is what students get!!!  We celebrate them!

Thank you to all the parents who helped make our Welcome Back picnic a success!!!!  Those parent include the organizers (Carmen Bronson, Jennifer Danclovic, Donna Stanley, and Stephanie Bower), and those parents who were able to make time in their busy schedules to bring their kids for some Howard Community fun!!!!

Notice that we have a new sign in front!!!  We will be able to post updates for you to see as you drive by.  We are SO excited about this. As a busy mom, I know the more reminders I receive, the better life is for me (and my kids:-).

A few dates to keep in mind:

October 7th is our first late start.  School will begin at 9:35.

October 16th will be a half-day for students.  Dismissal at 11:45

October 27th will be our Halloween assembly, and student success celebration.  More information to come.

October 30th, of course, is our Halloween parade!!!  Spooktacular fun!  I can’t wait!!!!






We hope to see you all here!!  Open house is from 5-6:30.  Please remember to stop in the computer lab to sign up for our blog while you are here.  Ms. Burch will join parents in the cafeteria after to say hello and help answer any questions you may have.  Thank you!!!

Welcome Back!!!!

Hi Families!!!!!!!!

We are off to a very busy start here at Howard, but we are looking forward to an exciting year of learning!  There are a few things new to Howard this year that I wanted to call your attention to:

  • We added a bus lane on York!  Already, we can see that this helps traffic tremendously!  Please do not park in the bus lane, but feel free to drop your student off directly in front of school in morning, or closest to their designated door.  Let’s keep traffic moving and students safe by dropping off at the side walk, in 5 seconds or less, and moving along.
  • We have added a technology class for 1-3rd grade classes, and for the multi-aged classroom.  The purpose of this class is to allow students the opportunity to extend their learning from the classroom to the virtual world; synthesizing the curriculum that has been learned in the classroom.
  • The district has implement new safety measures for all buildings, which includes a “buzz in” system.  After 8:45, the doors will be locked and the front doors will be accessible by the office buzzing in visitors.
  • Students who are in kids club, before or after school, can be picked up and dropped off at Door 10 in the back of the building.  The driveway that leads to this door is accessible from York, at Oak.
  • We also have new staff to welcome!!!  Ms. Distlerath will be teaching technology; Ms. Amen and Ms. Mangiapane are parapros assisting in 2nd and 4th grade; Ms. Conrad is our new Special Education resource teacher, and Ms. Nathal Jumma is our new secretary!!!!
  • We are asking that parents wait outside for their student after school, and leave students at appropriate door without walking them into building. Your kids are in good hands!
  • We will be subscribing to Remind 101.  At open house, you will be asked to record a number that is best for us to contact you consistently with notices, reminders, updates, etc.  We are trying to be as paperless as possible!

A few dates to remember:

  • September 15, from 4:30-7:30, will be our annual Welcome Back Picnic!!! We hope to see you there!
  • September 17, from 5-6:30 will be our open house.
  • September 21st is PICTURE DAY!!!!
  • September 23-25 will be no school.
  • September 22 will be our first PTA meeting at 3:00 in the library.

PLEASE DO NOT drop students off in the street

Please drop students off next to curb, in front of the school.  It is extremely dangerous for your child and others when parents drop students off in the middle of the street, especially in this weather.

Also, make sure students are here ON TIME.  School starts at 8:35.  We have seen a dramatic increase in late arrivals.


يرجى عدم الطلب من أولادكم النزول في وسط الشارع لأن ذلك يشكل خطرا على سلامتهم.

عدد الطلاب المتأخرين على الدوام المدرسي في إزدياد. نرجو إيصال أولادكم في الوقت المحدد يوميا وذلك قبل 8:35 صباحا.

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