Howard Elementary School

Update to MyON!

Dear Families,     Here at Howard Elementary School, we now have the myON program.  This program is free for our families and lets families download up to twenty books at a time, once you download the free myON app.  This program allows students to take ownership of their own reading interests and their own literacy growth.  All of our parents can use the program, at home, at the public library, on mobile devices.  We are so proud to offer this program to our Howard Elementary families.  Through our school, you will be provided free access to myON books for the school year. The myON program will provide you with infinite access to a growing collection of enhanced digital books that can be read anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection.  This myON collection is also accessible through mobile devices and reading can occur offline by downloading books through the myON app found in the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Create “your family of readers” and engage your children all school year long.


Mr. Neff              

Howard Elementary Media Specialist Teacher To logon to myON, simply go to, click the red login button, and enter “Howard Elementary School” as the school Name. (When you start to type in the name of the school, the full school name will pop up.  You can then click on “Howard  Elementary,  Dearborn Public Schools.”)  Enter your student’s id number as a username and enter your student’s date of birth as a password.  (Be sure to use eight numbers: two for the month, two for the day, and four for the year of birth.  If the date of birth was 1/1/2007, you would simply enter 01012007.  If it was 10/12/2005, you would enter 10122005.  If it was 10/4/2008, you would enter 10042008. Just use the numbers please.)  To browse through the eight thousand myON books, click “all books.”  * For additional info and videos about using myON, simply go to my myON blog.  You can find it at this address: