Howard Elementary School

A few reminders from Mrs. Burch

Happy Friday!!!

We had a wonderfully productive week here at Howard.  The kid shifted back into gear very nicely! As we muddle through my least favorite month (yuk), I want to remind you of a few things that will make life easier and safer for all of us:

  • If your student is not enrolled in Kids Club in the morning, they should NOT be dropped off before 8:30, unless they are having breakfast.  Students having breakfast are permitted to enter building at 8:15 and should NOT ARRIVE any earlier than 8:10.  The students are left unsupervised in and around the building, and it is not safe.  I will be asking students to call home to remind parents if they are dropped off earlier than 8:10 for breakfast/school.
  • Thank you for cooperating with the parking situation after school.  I have been placing cones in front of the building to alleviate the traffic congestion.  When they are available, the Dearborn Police help monitor the traffic before and after school.  Your concerns are being addressed.  Thank you for your patience.
  • Please, again, avoid parking in the staff parking lot after school to pick your child up.  It’s not safe.
  • Make sure you remind your student to leave their electronic devices at home! We don’t want them broken or misplaced, and district policy does not permit them in elementary school.
  • Please “like” our Facebook page!  We collaborate to post pictures to give you a peak into your child’s school day! It’s a quicker way from our phones, so if you haven’t already, find Howard Elementary School on Facebook.