Howard Elementary School

In NEED of….

The art room is in need of 16 empty and rinsed 2 liter bottles.  Any day this week would be AMAZING!!!

The 5th grade students will need to each have an empty tissue box by Monday, November 14.  They will be using it to create a 3D house.  If your child is a 5th grader, please have them write their name on the box.  If you have extra boxes, please send those as well.  Some families do not use the tissues in the cardboard boxes thus making it difficult for their child to bring their own box.  If your child is not a 5th grader and you would like to send in a tissue box, please do!!!  Just ask your child to bring it to the ART ROOM!

Thank your for your support!  The Howard family is truly the best!

Mrs. Thomas