Howard Elementary School

No more card flips (light changes) for homework


The PBIS committee has determined that teachers will no longer flip cards/change lights for homework.  In reviewing our data over the last few years, we realize that an extraordinary amount of students are being flipped for not completing homework assignments.  There has been little change in the behavior as a result of the practice of flipping the cards (changing the light), so we have abolished the practice.  PBIS endorses the teaching and reteaching of expectations, reflection on and correction of undesired behaviors, and a 4 to 1 positive to corrective feedback interaction.  The PBIS model also promotes NATURAL consequences for chronic, undesirable behaviors.  The natural consequences for not completing homework assignments are lower homework grade and losing certain privileges because that time is spent completing homework.  This is what students can expect to see in middle and high school.

The teachers have discussed and understand that homework is for PRACTICE, so that students are able reinforce the learning from that day ON THEIR OWN.   They may also be asked to complete classwork at home if they were unable during the time allotted.  Please email me with any questions.  HAVE A GREAT MONDAY!!!!


-Mrs. Burch