Howard Elementary School

Important Running Club Announcement

Important Running Club Announcement

Due to overwhelming response and lack of volunteers, we have to revise our running club schedule.

Beginning tomorrow (Thursday), we will split the runners into groups.

Tuesdays: Kindergarten-2nd gr.

Thursdays: 3rd-5th gr.

Students may only come on their designated day, and siblings are not allowed to wait unsupervised.  Since the weather has been cold and windy we have had to have the children practice indoors, and the hallways become overcrowded with over 130 students participating.  Please understand that we are making this change to keep practices more productive and focused and for the safety of all of the runners.

We are hoping that April’s weather forecast will be more favorable for running outside.  Coach Julie and the PTA will notify everyone when all classes will be able to participate on both days again.

Please note:  Tomorrow’s (Thursday) running club practice will be for 3rd-5th grade only.