Howard Students Prepare for “Clean-Up Parade”

Our students and staff will be participating in the traditional “Clean-Up Parade” this year sponsored by the City of Dearborn to be held on Tuesday, May 9 at 1:30 PM.  The students will march in a short parade in the neighborhood along with City Officials and the Howard Staff as part of the “City Beautiful” program.  We hope many of our families will be on hand to cheer for our students as they march with their creative signs designed to inspire everyone to keep our city clean!

Mr. Gozzard with the Howard “Drum-line” preparing for the Clean-Up Parade!

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  1. Howard Elementary is the best school I’ve ever worked at! I think that students at Howard are inspired to not only clean up the city but also to improve the world. Part of this involves our Principal, Mr. Blessing. He’s a really great Principal who cares about the Howard students. It’s my hope that he continues to inspire students at Howard Elementary to do great things–and learn a great deal–for a long, long time. (Mr. Gozzard is great too. Wish I had had a music teacher like him as a child.)

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