Howard Elementary School

Enrollment and Class Size


Dear Howard Learning Community,

Over the past two weeks, we have seen a steady increase in the enrollments at Howard Elementary School.  This has caused some of our grade levels to approach the capacity limit.  Our district central office personnel are aware of the class sizes and will be monitoring our numbers to see if we can bring in additional teachers to these grade levels. If we continue to enroll more students, we most certainly will need additional staff.  Currently, our fourth and fifth grade classes have higher enrollments than the other grades.  

The addition of a classroom teacher could cause your student’s current placement to change, and this is one of the reasons that we stress the  importance of remaining open-minded about your child’s placement as we focus on the best placement for all students at all grade levels.  

However, having another teacher come into a grade level will always decrease the class size and allow for more one-on-one instruction and small group utilization. We will continue to monitor the increasing enrollment at Howard and inform the community when and if we need to make changes.  

This challenge is not unique to Howard, as many other schools in our district are experiencing increasing enrollment.  This is a natural occurrence in a community that is thriving and growing!

As always, Howard teachers work in collaboration with one another, work daily in small groups, confer one on one with your student, and build a classroom culture that makes all students feel comfortable and excited about their education.

Thank you for your understanding and support!



Daniel Blessing, Ed.S

Principal, Howard Elementary School