Howard Elementary School

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

 Parents, please go over these arrival and dismissal procedures with your children.  Teachers will line up the students in the front of the building at 8:25 and will take the students in when the bell rings at 8:35.  Parents will not be entering with students during arrival. Please give our teachers the opportunity to establish this procedure with our students. 

  • Parents please read the parking and traffic flow document attached on this blog to help keep our students safe  during arrival and dismissal.
  • Help us reduce traffic congestion by car-pooling, and or dropping students of at nearby safe locations. Also, please consider having students walk in groups with an adult or two. Always use the crosswalks for safety.
  • Please do not drop students off until 8:25- there is no supervision outside until this time.  Students who walk should also plan to arrive no sooner than 8:25
  • Upon arrival students will line up at their designated line.
  • On the first day, all staff will be outside at 8:25 to direct students to their teacher and line up area. (After the first day, teachers will meet their students at 8:30)
  • Arrival time is not recess, so students must go directly to their line when they arrive.
  • Those who want to play before school should do so at the park (not on school property) under parental supervision prior to arriving at school.  Please ensure the children are in their designated lines on time.
  • For safety reasons, we do not allow any kind of ball throwing, running,  or sports during arrival.
  • During arrival and dismissal, student back packs must remain on their backs.  Do not swing backpacks around or place them on the ground.

Dismissal is at 3:35

  • Teachers will walk all students to the doors for dismissal.  Students are expected to:
  • Walk directly home at this time if they are walking home.
  • Go directly to the bus lines if the are taking the bus.  (Our teachers will be supervising this  on Tuesday, and will continue to supervise throughout the year)
  • Go directly to the student pick up location if they are waiting for their parent to pick them up in a vehicle.
  • Students should report to the office if their parent does not pick them up when expected.
  • Older siblings who are Howard students and are walking home/meeting  their younger sibling, must meet them outside since all teachers are walking their students out of the building.

Again, for safety reasons, there will not be any sports, or running during dismissal on school property.


Thank you!