Howard Elementary School

Safety Precaution

Dear Howard Learning Community,

Every day, all of us here at Howard work to make sure our school is a safe place for your children. We practice how to exit the building in case of a fire and where to go in the building in case of a bad storm. As part of that ongoing effort to keep our school safe, and to make sure you have accurate facts, I wanted to share with you information regarding actions we took this morning to ensure the safety of our students.

This morning, we were informed about a police situation at a business on Telegraph road.  As a precaution, all students remained inside for the morning.  All outside doors were checked to make sure they were locked which is part of our standard operating procedure once the school day starts.

I want to make it clear that at no time were any students or staff in danger. The actions we took were precautionary and done to maintain a safe school environment.  We have a great partnership with the Dearborn Police and they would have contacted us directly if they felt the situation posed any type of security threat for our school.

At Howard Elementary we take great pride in the academic achievement of our students, the professionalism of staff, and our ability to work together as a community to maintain a safe and orderly school environment.  By keeping an open line of communication we can ensure that our students will remain safe at school.


Daniel Blessing, Ed.S


Howard Elementary School