Howard Elementary School

Halloween Costume Parade

Dear Howard Learning Community,

On Tuesday, October 31st at 1:30 p.m., we will be having a Halloween parade. The students are really looking forward to this, and we want them to enjoy it as well, so let’s work together to make this experience enjoyable for all students.

We are asking that you do not include the following items for the Halloween costume parade if they are part of your child’s costume: Masks, “costume blood”, or “costume weapons.” These items are not allowed in school.

Also keep in mind that the children will not wear their costume to school in the morning as to not disrupt the learning environment. The teachers will give the students time to change into their costumes prior to the costume parade. Your child should be able to put on their own costume with help from their teacher if needed. Parents will not be allowed to assist with costumes, etc. This is going to be a busy day for the office and we are trying to limit unnecessary traffic in the office, halls and classrooms. Please check the teacher blogs for more information that may be specific to your child’s class on Halloween.

Thank You!