Howard Elementary School

School Zone Safety

Hello Howard Community,

As parents and guardians, the safety of all children is paramount.  I don’t mean to sound grim, however; driving, especially in a school zone, is a heavy responsibility.  In order to protect all of  the students at our school and in our community please refer to the School Zone Safety Guidelines shared by the District, Dearborn Police Department, and City of Dearborn.

If we all work together, we can ensure that all of our students get to school and home safely each day.  A little patience goes a long way.  So far, it has taken about 10 minutes for the bulk of the traffic to clear the school streets.  Ten minutes is not a lot of time when weighted against the safety of our students so please, practice patience and abide by the safety guidelines.

***I urge you to be especially mindful of tiny people popping out from between parked cars and buses and ensure that you direct your children to walk to the corners and be crossed by the cross guards.  

Signed School Zone Safety Letters 2018 (1)