Howard Elementary School

Substitute Emergency

Good Morning Parents!

I am aware that there were many concerns this morning regarding the substitute teacher situation in the district.  I just wanted to reassure you that the situation is being handled with the utmost diligence.  We have a really strong team both at the school level and the district level and will work together to ensure our students our supported.  This morning, I have had teachers volunteer their preparatory time to fill gaps, parents have both offered support and stepped in until our substitutes got their clearance and arrived, and district wide cabinet members and staff staying in constant communication with the school to ensure that all vacancies had been filled and we had the support we needed.

Substitutes for today are all set!!!!  Our substitutes were able to get in to ASC early this morning and got cleared to come in.

Kudos to Dr. Maleyko and his team at ASC for putting a plan in place so quickly.  We are so fortunate and extremely blessed to have such strong support from students and parents to district leadership.  Our extreme gratitude goes out to all!

Mrs. Lazar