Howard Elementary School

One-Way Traffic Tomorrow

For Wednesday, January 9, 2019:

The staff and students at Howard Elementary thank you in advance for your cooperation in following the traffic guidelines.  We appreciate your dedication to the safety of the students, and your contribution to improving convenience for all through more efficient traffic flow around the school for our families.  Mostly, we appreciate your demonstration of respect to school rules and school staff, you are setting a great example for the students and serving as role models to them by exhibiting commitment to our Core Value of the common good.  By following these guidelines, you are confirming your fidelity to the best interest of the students at Howard Elementary and for that we give you our deepest gratitude.

In order to assist in the one-way traffic during dismissal time at 3:35, please see the attachment regarding “Student Valet” for those who pick up on N. York at the main doors.