Howard Elementary School

Traffic- Day 1 Afternoon


  • The streets were cleared by 3:43 which means the process took exactly the same amount of time as a two way traffic pick up (8 minutes)
  • While traffic was backed up, the flow of traffic was smoother and cars were not squeezing by each other or ending up in a bottle neck.
  • Teachers who worked in schools where this was attempted said that the process worked better after one day here than it did after one year of trial at that school-Kudos to the parents for their cooperation
  • Student safety was improved immensely


  • The bus coming down Lawrence contributed to the traffic backup – This was addressed and the bus driver will use a different street tomorrow to stay out of the way of car traffic.
  • Some parents thought that utilizing the front door for pick up was mandatory – Please see the Valet handout and blog post.  If you use the side streets where parking is permissible, a different door for pick up, or your students bus or walk, you are free to continue to do so.
  • Some parents were frustrated for being stopped far away from the door – Please be patient as we cannot move traffic before the bell rings. As soon as the students came out, traffic did flow more smoothly.

Overall, please keep in mind:

  • We are doing this for the safety of your children
  • Today was not perfect but we need to remember, this was the first day
  • Change takes time
  • We are constantly working to improve the plan, it is fluid and not set in stone.  If something is not working, we will work to address it.
  • If you have additional suggestions that will help make things better, please voice them in a positive way