Howard Elementary School

Traffic- Day 2 Morning

Good Day to All!

Our Day two arrival went very smoothly.  While it may feel like it is taking longer because it is one moving line, in actuality, it took less time today.  On an average day, there are still cars lined up for drop off at 8:43 am.  This morning, the majority of the cars were cleared by 8:38 am which means that more students were in class on time!  Thank you again for the great support.  

The efforts that will help with morning traffic:

  • Leave the house a little early so that we are not all rushing to arrive at the same time
  • Consider dropping students off between 8:10 and 8:25 so they can enjoy a free breakfast in the warm cafeteria with friends where they will remain in the building until its time to line up

A few reminders:

  • The entrance bell rings at 8:35 which means students should be arriving at school earlier than that.  This also gives them a chance to socialize, chatting with friends before entering class where they can engage in conversations sharing things that happened the night before, prior to entering class.  As a result, they will have gotten out some wiggles and will have increased readiness to begin their academic focus at a more relaxed pace.
  • The TARDY bell rings at 8:40.  This means that instruction begins at 8:40.
  • When the “real feel” is below 20 degrees, students come inside for line up.