Howard Elementary School

More Traffic Updates!!!

As communicated in our posts regarding traffic, we have been working on several different strategies to help ease the traffic volume on N. York.  I can now share one of these strategies.  This strategy involved a collaboration with our District Transportation Department.  In order to further ease congestion,


we are going to try having the buses pick up and drop of the students on Mildred instead of N. York.  What this means is that we can utilize more of the space in front of the school because it will no longer be a bus lane, therefore, drop off and pick up will be permitted in that space.

Like all other aspects of this plan, this will be a trial for the next few weeks when we will reevaluate the success or challenges of this strategy.  If this effects your students who bus, please see the attachment below for more detailed information.  Thank you to the bus drivers and Transportation Department for being so flexible and putting Students First.

Bus Locations At Howard