Howard Elementary School

Fifth Grade Talent Show Tryouts

Since school has been canceled the past 3 Wednesdays, we have not been able to hold the tryouts.  I would like to hold tryouts this Friday after school.  If for some reason you can’t make it, please see me to make other arrangements.  We will start right after school and will end at 4:45.  If you would like to stay with your child after dismissal, I will try to fit you in first so you can take your child home.  Please make sure to arrange pick up by 4:45.  If music and/or props are needed, please make sure your child has them at tryouts.  The tryouts are only open to fifth graders.  No more than 4 students may be in a single act.  I will send a list to the fifth grade teachers on Monday of the students who were selected to participate.  Any questions, please email me at:

Thanks so much!

Linda Lippert