Howard Elementary School

Driving Reminder

This morning, arrival continued safely and smoothly in spite of the snow and ice on the road.  I wanted to thank you all for practicing patience and safety.  In order to keep dismissal just as safe, please:

  • Drive alertly (hang up cell phones)
  • Demonstrate Patience (It may take a little longer due to weather but safety is our priority)
  • Accelerate with caution (There is ice running a little over a tire length wide on the right side of your vehicles and getting traction was worrisome this morning)
  • If you don’t see your children outside, it means the decision was made to dismiss from the gym/foyers and they will be escorted to your shortly.
  • Please remain in your vehicles and do not enter the school (especially on the Lawrence side) this increases confusion for the students.

Thank you again for all you do to make Howard safer for drivers and student and family pedestrians.