Howard Elementary School

Traffic Safety

Dear Howard Families,

We are very aware that there will always be challenges with the flow of traffic during arrival and dismissal times due to the volume of cars and the limited width of the streets in front of the school.  The Howard community is again asking for your cooperation in helping to make this process as smooth as possible.

In teaching our students to become successful citizens during their school experience and through life, the Howard community puts our focus on three traits that we all as the staff in the school try to model for students at all times.  These traits are a part of our schoolwide PBIS culture and they are to be respectful, be responsible, and be safe. In this circumstance, these traits can also serve as a guide to assist us in resolving our traffic flow challenges. As stated, our mission is for everyone who is a part of the school community to model these traits to our students at all times.  Therefore, I implore you during these very crowded times during the school day to:

Be Respectful:  Follow all traffic laws/rules and be courteous and patient with each other.  This includes:

  • Please adhere to the traffic shift for morning and afternoon arrival/dismissal and be respectful to the staff and students that are trying to make these transitions move smoothly. 
  • Please do not park on  N. York closest to the school as this is for drop off and pick up only.  Parking along the street causes bottlenecks and makes the congestion more severe than it needs to be.  
  • Please drop off your child in the child drop off area in front of the school.  Dropping your student off at the stop sign, in a driveway, or in the street is not safe for your student and holds up traffic. The driveway next to the school is for deliveries and Dearborn School Personnel only and not for student drop off.

Be Responsible:  We are each accountable for our own actions, which includes following the ordinances even when nobody is watching.

Be Safe:  Please heed all traffic signs and proceed with caution, especially at the crosswalks where students are crossing. (Lawrence/N. York, Edward/N. York, Oak/N. York, Wilson/N. York)

By staying true to the guiding principles of our school wide culture, we can work together to help keep all children safe.  The only way to accomplish this challenging goal is by working together. I truly appreciate your assistance in making traffic flow as smooth and safe as possible for all of us!