Howard Elementary School

Update: Superintendent Message regarding approval of the “Continuity of Learning Plan”

Good Evening Howard Community,

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy. We want to begin by thanking you all for your patience, flexibility, and support during these uncertain times. We are aware of the many communications you have been receiving and we acknowledge and appreciate your hard work and partnership to meet the needs of our children. We are so much more effective together as a team! The Howard community is so blessed to not only have dedicated and hard-working staff but to have passionate and hard-working students and parents, too! Thank you!

As you may already know, our staff has been engaged in professional development this entire week in preparation for the implementation of the “Continuity of Learning Plan,” beginning Monday, April 20th. Please click on the first link (below) to view the superintendent’s message regarding the new plan. There is a link within his message to view the entire plan. The plan includes suggested minutes in each core area/extra-curricular area to ensure a healthy balance for our children. Minutes include “think-time,” “work-time,” and “play-time.” Please click on the second link (below) for further explanation of the suggested minutes in the plan.

Hope you have a great weekend,

Mrs. Sabbagh

Superintendent message with a link to the plan:

Memo on suggested minutes: