Howard Elementary School

Hybrid phase-in begins next week!

Good Afternoon,

This is a reminder that Monday, March 1st, the hybrid transition phase-in will begin. We are excited to see our Kindergarten-Second grade students at Howard in-person next week! Please note that third-fifth grade students will need to begin logging into Zoom at 8:40 am on Monday, March 1st. For your convenience, I have summarized the most important recent blog posts with all the information you will need: entry/exit doors and staggered times per grade level, the screener that you must go through daily before sending your child to school, the District Mask Policy, the informational hybrid parent presentation, and finally the calendar for the next month at a glance.

Have a great weekend!
Mirvat Sabbagh

Entry/Exit doors and Staggered Times:

  • All students will line up outside 
    • K, 1, 3 & 5 line up at 9:30, entry at 9:35
    • 2, 4 line up at 9:38, entry at 9:40
    • If you have students in multiple grades, drop them off at the earlier time
    • Dismissal is at 2:20
    • York St. will be a one-way street during drop off/pick up times, as usual
  • Locations for pick-up/drop-off (a visual is available in the Parent Presentation linked below)
    • Main Door-Door 1:  1st grade and 2nd grade 
    • Door 4: Kindergarten
    • Door 3: 5th grade and Ms. Martin ⅘ split 
    • Door 15:  3rd grade and 4th grade

District Mask Policy:

Please be sure to review the District’s Face Mask ProtocolPlease note: All persons (staff, students, parents, visitors, etc.) must wear a face mask covering (covering your nose) while on school grounds. This includes all indoor and OUTDOOR school property (we ask that you remain in your vehicles during pick-up and drop-off, if you need to come out of your car, please be sure to wear a mask).

COVID 19 Screener:

Please be sure to go through the checklist each time before your child enters the school building. Covid-19 English screening tool checklist (Arabic). Parents must screen their children daily to ensure that they are symptom-free following these guidelines. If a student comes to school and has either 1 symptom in box A or 2 symptoms in box B they will be sent home.

Informational Hybrid Parent Presentation:

Parent Meeting Presentation Linked here

Calendar for the next month at a glance: A Day (in school Monday & Thursday) B Day (in school Tuesday & Friday)

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