Howard Elementary School

Hybrid Schedule for all students K-5

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday!

I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the sunny weather this weekend! The Howard staff is looking forward to welcoming our K-5 students next week! I want to share a gentle reminder to please make sure you are not parking and leaving your vehicle unattended in the drop-off lanes (first lanes) of York St. and Lawrence St. Teachers will be outside beginning at 9:30 am and then again at 2:20 pm, rest assured that your child is in good hands.

This is a recap of the week ahead (the week of March 8th):

A Day students are in school in Monday and Thursday. B Day students are in school on Tuesday and Friday.

  • Monday-ALL A-DAY students in grades K-5 will report to Howard from 9:40-2:20 (B-Day students need to log on at 8:40 for attendance).
  • Tuesday-ALL B-DAY students in grades K-5 will report to Howard from 9:40-2:20 (A-Day students need to log on at 8:40 for attendance).
  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday-ALL students will have virtual learning, please log into zoom at 8:40. (As you may already know, Thursday and Friday were moved to virtual days due to vaccinations).

Thank you and I hope you have a great weekend,

Mirvat Sabbagh

For your convenience, I am recopying information that I shared last week:

Entry/Exit doors and Staggered Times:

  • All students will line up outside 
    • K, 1, 3 & 5 line up at 9:30, entry at 9:35
    • 2, 4 line up at 9:38, entry at 9:40
    • If you have students in multiple grades, drop them off at the earlier time
    • Dismissal is at 2:20
    • York St. will be a one-way street during drop off/pick up times, as usual
  • Locations for pick-up/drop-off (a visual is available in the Parent Presentation linked below)
    • Main Door-Door 1:  1st grade and 2nd grade 
    • Door 4: Kindergarten
    • Door 3: 5th grade and Ms. Martin ⅘ split 
    • Door 15:  3rd grade and 4th grade

District Mask Policy:

Please be sure to review the District’s Face Mask ProtocolPlease note: All persons (staff, students, parents, visitors, etc.) must wear a face mask covering (covering your nose) while on school grounds. This includes all indoor and OUTDOOR school property (we ask that you remain in your vehicles during pick-up and drop-off, if you need to come out of your car, please be sure to wear a mask).

COVID 19 Screener:

Please be sure to go through the checklist each time before your child enters the school building. Covid-19 English screening tool checklist (Arabic). Parents must screen their children daily to ensure that they are symptom-free following these guidelines. If a student comes to school and has either 1 symptom in box A or 2 symptoms in box B they will be sent home.

Informational Hybrid Parent Presentation:

Parent Meeting Presentation Linked here