Howard Elementary School

Covid-19 Screener & Traveling outside the U.S.

Good Morning,

This is a friendly reminder that you must go through the checklist screener (per district and county guidelines) each time before your child enters the school building, please note QUESTION NUMBER 3 on the Covid-19 English screening tool checklist (Arabic). (Please note, if you travel to Mexico and get a PCR test administered in Mexico before coming back to the U.S., you must still follow the guidelines below.)

Question 3: Have you returned to the U.S. after traveling internationally in the last 7 days?
 YES  NO
If the answer to this questions is yes, you must stay home to quarantine for 7 days from the date that you returned to the
U. S. Then on the seventh day, you must get a COVID PCR test and have a negative test result before returning to school.