Howard Elementary School

COVID Identification

Good Afternoon,

I hope that you are all doing well. There has been a confirmed positive Covid-19 case on school grounds. With Covid-19 still spreading in our community, we will undoubtedly see positive cases arise on school grounds.  We have implemented mitigation measures to help decrease the risk of exposure when those cases end up in school, like keeping a 6-foot distance between desks in the classrooms and cafeteria.  This helps to keep a case from spreading on school grounds.  The school nurse has completed her investigation and has found that no other staff or student is “a close contact” with this case.  We are required, by law, to share this information with our school community-again, no close contacts have been identified and notified at this time. This letter is informational only; no further action is required for you at this time.

Please click on the link to view the Howard Community COVID Identification (3-25-21) letter.

Thank you,

Mirvat Sabbagh