Howard Elementary School

Last week of school notes/updates!

Good Evening,

I hope you are all doing well! I can not believe it is the last week of school! We hope that this week is fun-filled and enjoyable for all! A few reminders/updates for the end of the school year.

-Picnics are taking place this week! See teacher communications for more details.
-An ice cream truck will be visiting Howard on Thursday (for A day students) and on Friday (for B day students) for all students to enjoy an ice cream treat courtesy of our wonderful PTA!
-Friday will be a half day for B day students. It will be the same start time as usual but dismissal will be at 11:45 am. Also on Friday, the fifth grade promotion will take place outside at 10:00 am!

Additionally, if your child is signed up for summer camp, they are in for an innovative, hands-on, and fun-filled camp experience! Over 50% of our students are signed up! Way to go Howard! Expect to hear from your child’s summer camp teacher on June 21st! Also, please note that I will not be working this summer but I have been a part of the entire planning process for both the curriculum and design of the camp. Rest assured that we have a great administrator that will be running the program; her name is Mrs. Mariam Farhat and she is currently the assistant principal at William Ford Elementary. Her email is should you need to contact her.

Finally, please make sure that you have an accurate email address in Parent Connect so that you receive any email communications that are sent out. Please call the office if you need assistance with this. We will likely be sending your child’s assigned teacher placement for the upcoming school year to parent/guardian email addresses towards the end of August. As in past, we do not place students based on parent requests as the process of student placement is a multi-step process that takes into account a variety of components. Rest assured that your child is in good hands regardless of who his/her teacher will be. Thank you for your trust and understanding in advance.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope you have a great rest of the week!

Mirvat Sabbagh