Howard Elementary School

Great First Day! Drop-off/Pick-up Reminders

Good Evening,

It was a great first day back! I can not describe how excited the students were today! It was such a pleasure to have them fill our hallways and classrooms with laughter and positive energy! As you may have observed during arrival and dismissal; it can get extremely busy and traffic can become congested. I AM ASKING FOR YOUR SUPPORT by remaining in your vehicles if you are in the drive-up lane on Lawrence St. or N. York St. Please continue to keep the traffic moving as much as possible. Also, a friendly reminder that N. York St. is a one-way street during arrival and dismissal. Our wonderful teachers will keep an eye out for the parents/guardians and bring your child(ren) to you. If you have more than one child and you would like to identify one location to pick up your children from, please be sure to communicate with your children’s teacher. For example, if you have a fourth-grader and kindergarten, the fourth-grader can walk over to the kindergarten dismissal location. It will take a little bit of practice but I am confident that entry/dismissal will become smoother. Please be patient with us and support our efforts by following our traffic rules.

I hope you have a great rest of the week!

See you tomorrow! 🙂

Mirvat Sabbagh