Howard Elementary School

Important Reminders and Updates

Good Afternoon,

Happy Friday! We hope that you are all adjusting to the new school year. Our students are doing a fantastic job learning and implementing routines and procedures.

We also want to make sure that as a community we are doing the same with arrival/dismissal procedures:

The first bell is at 8:55 am, please do not drop off your child at school prior to 8:50 am (unless they are having breakfast which begins at 8:30). Having them wait outside prior to 8:50 without adult supervision is not safe.

Parents/guardians should not be coming into the school building during arrival/dismissal. If you are a kindergarten parent and you arrive after (8:55 am) and your child’s teacher has entered the building, you are welcome to have the fifth-grade safeties walk them to class (they are available until 9:00 am), you should bring your child to the main door/main office and we will escort your child to class if you are running late.

In an event that parents/guardians absolutely need to come into the building, please report to the office.

All staff, parents/guardians, students, and visitors MUST WEAR A MASK WHEN ENTERING THE BUILDING FOR ANY REASON, EVEN IF IT IS FOR ONE MINUTE.

N. York Street is a ONE-WAY street going Southbound between Lawrence St., Edward St., Oak St., and Hollander St. before and after school between the hours of 8:30-9:30 and 3:30-4:30. We have been extremely lenient so that parents/guardians become familiar with rules/routines, however, the Dearborn Police may ticket those who are not abiding by the traffic rules and signage.

Please keep in mind that the drive-up lane going southbound on N. York St. must keep moving. Drivers must remain in their vehicles and continue to move up the lane as vehicles in front of them move up. You are welcome to park on a side street if you need to walk down to pick up your child.

Thank you for helping the Howard staff keep your child(ren) safe!

Have a great weekend,

Mirvat Sabbagh