Howard Elementary School

Attention needed for loaned-out Chromebooks

February 8th, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As we prepare for the March 1st virtual day (or any future use of our Chromebooks), we need to make sure that all loaned-out Chromebooks are updated and in working order.  In order for Chromebooks to be updated, they must be turned on and updated using the Dearborn Public Schools Server.  We need all students to bring their Chromebooks to school to do this.  This is of course if you have borrowed one from the school.

Additionally, as part of the CRDC Report  (Civil Rights Data Collection), which is an annual report for the Department of Education that all schools/districts complete, the number of devices (Chromebooks) on loan to students is part of the data being collected.   We will be conducting an inventory of all Chromebooks and ask that you support our teachers by sending in your child’s loaned-out Chromebook on Thursday, February 10th.  Please make sure that the Chromebook is fully charged.  Your child will return the Chromebook home that day.

Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this matter as we complete a mandated inventory process and conduct updates on the Chromebooks to ensure they are working properly.

Howard Team