Happy New Year!!! A couple of announcements….

Hello Families!

I wanted to update you on my return, and share other news:

I see my doctor on Monday.  I am hoping to be cleared to return to work next week. Fingers crossed.  I truly miss the students every day I’m away from them.

Margaret King-Ahmed will begin her Parent Talk classes this FRIDAY at 8:45 in the cafeteria.  Please see Nathal or Val about signing up.  I have participated in her parent talk series and it’s truly life changing.  Please consider joining us this Friday.  Refreshments will be provided.

Thank you all for your generosity over the past few months.  Whether it be donations to classrooms, gifts for staff, helping a family in need, or bringing food/supplies for the needy, the families of Howard demonstrate altruism and genuine concern for the well-being of others.  Please know how much you are appreciated and valued.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Incidents with sub on Friday

Hi Families!

On Friday, there was a substitute in the building who did not speak to students with kindness or regard.  When the students reported her interactions with the office, she was immediately dismissed.  Mr. Iavasile, Ms. Burch and Mrs. Mosallam stepped in as substitute gym teachers for the afternoon!  Thank you for your feedback regarding the unfortunate situation with this substitute.  She will not be returning.  Thank you for your continued support.

No more card flips (light changes) for homework


The PBIS committee has determined that teachers will no longer flip cards/change lights for homework.  In reviewing our data over the last few years, we realize that an extraordinary amount of students are being flipped for not completing homework assignments.  There has been little change in the behavior as a result of the practice of flipping the cards (changing the light), so we have abolished the practice.  PBIS endorses the teaching and reteaching of expectations, reflection on and correction of undesired behaviors, and a 4 to 1 positive to corrective feedback interaction.  The PBIS model also promotes NATURAL consequences for chronic, undesirable behaviors.  The natural consequences for not completing homework assignments are lower homework grade and losing certain privileges because that time is spent completing homework.  This is what students can expect to see in middle and high school.

The teachers have discussed and understand that homework is for PRACTICE, so that students are able reinforce the learning from that day ON THEIR OWN.   They may also be asked to complete classwork at home if they were unable during the time allotted.  Please email me with any questions.  HAVE A GREAT MONDAY!!!!


-Mrs. Burch

Gleaners Food Drive

The Gleaners Food drive starts Monday, Nov 7th, and runs through the 22nd.  Each class has a goal of 120 cans. EVERY class that meets the goal earns a reward. ONE class will be randomly drawn from the rooms that reached the reward; that class will receive a Yogurtopia gift card for each student.  Thank you, in advance, from the Howard Student Council!

In NEED of….

The art room is in need of 16 empty and rinsed 2 liter bottles.  Any day this week would be AMAZING!!!

The 5th grade students will need to each have an empty tissue box by Monday, November 14.  They will be using it to create a 3D house.  If your child is a 5th grader, please have them write their name on the box.  If you have extra boxes, please send those as well.  Some families do not use the tissues in the cardboard boxes thus making it difficult for their child to bring their own box.  If your child is not a 5th grader and you would like to send in a tissue box, please do!!!  Just ask your child to bring it to the ART ROOM!

Thank your for your support!  The Howard family is truly the best!

Mrs. Thomas

Parents in Building- PLEASE READ

We are very thankful to have supportive, involved parents at Howard.  I want to remind parents of the necessary boundaries we need to honor during the school day:

  • Parents are not to enter the building before OR after school to meet with a teacher unless the teacher has invited them to talk ahead of time. Please contact teachers by email or phone.  If they do not respond within 24 hours, please let the office know.
  • ALL parents must sign in to office when visiting for ANY reason.  You may only enter through the main entrance doors.
  • Homeroom parents are a valuable addition to any classroom community.  However, homeroom parents are NOT to report to classrooms daily.  Homeroom parents will be contacted by the teacher when needed to assist with/coordinate classroom related activities.  The PTA will also contact the homeroom parents about special events.

For the safety and consideration of all involved, your cooperation is appreciated.  Thank you, in advance.


Hello Parents!!!!!!!  

Many of you have children at Dearborn High, so you may be aware that they are celebrating homecoming spirit week October 2nd-October 7th.  Because our students end up at DHS, and many have siblings there now, I thought it would be SO FUN to celebrate spirit week in support of the Pioneer community!!  Each day is exactly the same as the spirit days at Dearborn High.  Participation is not required, but we think the students would be excited to dress up as many days as possible.  The schedule is as follows:


Monday, October 3rd: Monster University Monday-Wear your favorite College apparel!

Tuesday, October 4th:  Sleeping Beauty Tuesday- Wear your PJ’s or comfy sweats!

Wednesday, October 5th: Wish Upon a Star Day- Dress as your future career/dream job!

Thursday, October 6th: Cinderella’s Ball- Dress to Impress!

Friday, October 7th: Friday- Blue out! Wear your favorite Howard shirt, or any other blue shirt!!
Looking forward to a week full of SPIRIT!!!

UM-Dearborn Young Naturalist Program to start soon!

UM-Dearborn Young Naturalist Program to start soon!

9-12 year-olds who enjoy exploring nature join their peers in this once-a-month, 9 month program offered at the University of Michigan-Dearborn Environmental Interpretive Center (EIC). Outdoor session topics include Pond Study, Insects and Spiders, Maple Syrup Science, Owl Prowl, Spring Wildflowers, Birds, and Frogs and Toads. Participants are expected to attend most if not all of the monthly sessions. A $70 program fee covers the cost of all field equipment including a field pack and field guides to various plants and animals.

Program session dates (Saturdays 9:30AM-12PM): October 8; December 3; January 7; February 18;March 4; April 22; May 6; June 3. The owl prowl session will take place from 6-9PM on Friday, November 4.

The registration deadline is October 5. To register your child for the program, go tohttps://umdearborn.edu/eic/education/naturalist.htmlFor additional information, please contact Rick Simek, the EIC Program Supervisor, at (313) 583-6371.

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