Howard Elementary School

Traffic Day 5

Good Evening.

To maintain communication for the next week on any adjustments that need to be made to traffic I will continue the updates.  The bus pick up location ran very smoothly and calmly for students who take the bus.  Thank you to all of the staff out there supporting the bus students.  Also, much appreciation goes out to the entire staff who was all outside to assist with afterschool.  The Howard teachers have all joined together as the strong team we are to take on a supervision area around the school for dismissal.

Today went very well both morning and afternoon.  We now have access to the bus lane.  Therefore in order to help you move through the dismissal process quicker, please follow the following tips.

  •  Students will be waiting in the bus lane area (curb marked in yellow).  This will be the pick up location and will help to load up to 7 cars at a time instead of one or two while making more room further north for more cars to clear the crosswalk.
  • Make sure you pull all the way up into the old bus lane in order to pick up your child.
  • Please stay in a single line along the curb in order to keep the flow moving.  Only move into the center (passing) lane if your students are already in your car.  Think of traffic when there is a lane closure, if people try to pull up and re-enter traffic at the last minute it slows everything down.  The sooner cars get into one lane, the faster traffic picks up.
  • Oldest students will still be meeting their younger siblings so that you can pick up all students at one stop unless you have made different arrangements with your child’s teacher.
  • 3rd and 4th grade still exit the building at Lawrence so please pick up students in those grades there unless they are coming to the front to meet their younger siblings.
  • As always, make sure you are paying attention to pedestrians crossing York especially at Oak and Edward.  The walking families truly appreciate your cooperation and have communicated that they are feeling less stress crossing the streets.

We will continue to make adjustments as necessary.  It takes everyone and we appreciate you!