Staff Websites

Grade Teacher: Email: Classroom Website:
Kindergarten Mrs. Smith
Kindergarten Ms. Mohamed
Kindergarten Mrs. Polgar
First Grade Mrs. Korte
First Grade Mrs. Lippert
First Grade Ms. MacDonald
Second Grade Ms. Currie
Second Grade Ms. Kerby
Second Grade Ms. Cehanowicz
Third Grade Mrs. Minier
Third Grade Ms. Martin
Third Grade Mrs. Schug
Fourth Grade Mrs. Pischke
Fourth Grade Ms. Fleming
Fourth Grade Ms. Martin
Fifth Grade Mrs. Dearth
Fifth Grade Ms.  Albertson
Fifth Grade Ms. Szalai
Art  Mrs. Thomas
Teacher-Librarian Mrs. Turk
Vocal Music Mrs. Bagnall
Physical Education Mr. Haliburda

1 thought on “Staff Websites”

  1. Mr. Jones,

    I would love to retrieve the arrowhead that you found on the school grounds as a young child. It would be a great item to add to our archives. If it proves to be of great value, I would consider giving it to the Dearborn Historical Museum and add your letter or other information to it as an historical perspective. Feel free to send it to:

    Howard Elementary School
    Attn: Andrew Denison
    1611 N. York Street
    Dearborn, MI 48128

    My e-mail address is and the school phone number is (313) 827-6350.

    Mr. Denison

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