Howard Elementary School

Let it Snow

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It is that time of year again!  Here are a few reminders about recess and line up policy for the winter season.

Image result for snowflakeAs long as the real feel is 20 degrees (F) or above and not actively snowing, students will be going/lining up outside.  The cold does not seem to bother our little ones as much as it does us, the key is to dress them for the weather so that they can still enjoy outdoor play.  Benefits to going outside in winter include:  breathing fresh air, strengthening the immune system, and exercise.  Please see the following websites for information on the benefits of children playing outside in the winter:

Image result for snowflakeChildren will be allowed to play on the snow provided they have the proper attire.  This includes snow pants, boots, gloves/mittens, hats and scarves.  These  items should be worn on a daily basis in the winter to ensure students are appropriately dressed for the weather.  If students are dressed properly, they can enjoy the fun that this season can bring.  Remember layers!

Let’s get ready for another Michigan winter! Bundle up and warm up the Hot Cocoa Image result for cold smiley face