Parent/Teacher Conferences

Howard Elementary School will hold fall Parent/Teacher Conferences on Monday, November 19th, Wednesday, November 28th and Friday, November 29th from 4 – 7:00 p.m.  Our goal is to have 100% of our parents attend conferences this year.  Teachers will be handing out report cards at this time.

Halloween Parade – Cancelled

Due to extreme weather conditions, the Halloween Parade that was supposed to take place at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 31st, has been cancelled. Student will still have the opportunity to put on costumes and participate in class Halloween parties that have been planned by teachers and parents. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Bob Cipriano Memorial Cross Country Meet

A number of Howard School fourth and fifth graders participated in the first annual Bob Cipriano Memorial Cross Country meet on Friday, October 19th.  The students who participated were:  Erin Moran, Victoria Irish, Zainab Ouza, Stella Doverspike, Chloe Condo, Caden Mondtierth, Ahmed Makled, Hadi Jawad, Adnan Rammouni, Hassan Beydoun, Kate Kolongowski, Isabelle Hadous, Elisabeth Mazur, Rachel Williams, Ketzel Skazalski, Naji Elder, Mahmoud Saad, Jad Fawaz, Bauer Kubitskey and Timothy Alaziz.

Congratulations to Erin Moran, Zainab Ouza, Ahmed Makled, Kate Kolongowski and Naji Elder for winning medals at the race this year.  We are proud of their hard work and dedication.

Summer Reading Club Winners

I would like to thank Amy McKelvey and Karen Bierman for organizing and implementing the summer reading program for all of the Howard School students. We had 72 students participate and they read a total of 2,422 books. Great work, students!

The following students participated in the summer reading program: Andrew Montierth, Georgia Beatty, Anisa Abazeed, Erik Giedeman, Danielle Harajli, Rebecca Dear, livia Forsyth, Latifa Mekled, Jack Fazio, Nadia Boussi, Assel Beidoun, Ava Wolski, Amina Ferris, Erin Moran, Sophia Kolarich, Ruth Anderson, Alyssa Ventura, Matilda Wojtowicz, Sophie Stefanec, Noah Danclovic, Haidar Murtada, Nataliea Salame, Sydnie Lara, Caroline Giedeman, Avery McKelvey, Abigail Baker, Sydney Smith, Hassan Sareini, Christiana Flanery, Brody Ryan, Mallak Makled, Ameen Elgabri, Emma Obermiller, Kyle Pumer, Nadia Elgabri, Autumn Danclovic, Sadie Wojtowicz, Julie Schroeder, Matthew Nash, Alexandra Slanec, Blake Beuckelaere, Megan Fazio, Jad Zein, Adam Rammouni, Ketzel Skazalski, Prarie Skazalski, Mariam Beydoun, Ahmed Makled, Alex Beltz, Reece McKelvey, Caden Montierth, Ahmad Murtada, Sarah Towfeeq, Lizabeth Bower, Ervis Xhaferliari, Daniel Balestrieri, Katya Salame, Danya Salame, Roman Furchi, Rachel Williams, Suzanne Sarieni, Benjamin Bower, Mira Fayad, Linnea Anderson, Kaylyn Levasseur, Aya Wahidi, Lila Bierman, Joey Morency, Jenna Zein, Samantha Smalley and Ai Ezzedine

Congratulations to Elizabeth Bower, Erik Giedeman, Benjamin Bower, Alexandra Slanec, Matilda Wojtowicz and Danya Salame for being the top readers in their grades.

Remember, if your child reads for 20 minutes each day, they are exposed to over 1.8 million words per year. The greater a student’s vocabulary, the better that child will do in school.

Keep reading, Dragons!!

International Day of Peace

Students gathered by the Peace Pole to honor the International Day of Peace. Mrs. Ventura lead the school in a peace song. We sang this song together in a number of different languages. Mrs. Thomas helped us make pinwheels that helped us with our celebration. At the end of our time together, Mr. Denison encouraged us to practice peace in our school, at our homes and in our community.

Getting ready to celebrate peace!
Celebrating peace with a pinwheel.

Parent Talk Classes

Parent Talk classes are being offered at Dearborn High School on November 7, 14, 19, 26, 28 and December 2 & 12 from 6:30 – 7:45 p.m..  These classes will help you learn more about parenting and how you can reduce conflict between you and your child.  To learn more about the classes and to register, download the following form:

Parent Talk Flyer Dearborn High

For more information, contact Margaret King-Ahmed at (313) 827-8788.  These same classes will be coming to Howard School in February – days and times TBA.

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