Halloween Parade

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We will be having our annual Halloween Parade tomorrow at 1:40.  We are asking for your support and cooperation to ensure that this event will be a positive and fun event for our students.

Please ensure that costumes do not include scary masks or “weapons”.  These items will be taken away if brought to school.  Appropriate masks include characters that are child friendly like Super Mario, Cartoon Characters, Star Wars, and Doc McStuffins.  A Scream mask is not acceptable.

Students will not be released from school for make-overs and costumes should be manageable by the child independently.  This is intended to be a light and fun event.

In case we have inclement weather, I have shared an indoor parade route with the staff.  As part of this route, parents will be asked to stand around the perimeter of the gym and will have the opportunity to watch the students come through the gym on their parade route.  Due to limited space in the hallways, please assist us in making room for the ghosts and goblins to come through by staying in the gym area.

Have a great Halloween Eve!

Pumpkin Raffle

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your generous donations for our annual Pumpkin Raffle!! My STAND students, Howard teachers and staff, and my teacher cohort, worked very hard to decorate the pumpkins, collect and count the money, and help with the raffle.  We raised $542 dollars for the animals at the Dearborn Animal Shelter!!!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Mrs. Lippert

Week of Oct. 15 in Review

Last week was a very busy week for us Dragons.  We kicked off the week with the Cipriano Run last Monday, we made it through late start, picture day, spirit day, and the Howard “een” party and trunk or treat.  In addition, I made it out to the new Henry Ford College President’s Investiture Ceremony and the Arab American Chamber of Commerce Gala.

Great job to all of the students who represented Howard in the Run, we are so proud of you for doing your best and fighting against the cold.

THANK YOU so much to our PTA!!! The party was a huge success and your ability to magically transform our school was amazing!  We are truly blessed!

For a picture presentation of this week in review, see the power point below:

Oct. 15 in review

Pumpkin Raffle


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Pumpkin Raffle Wednesday and Thursday

Howard teachers and staff will be decorating pumpkins to raffle off for Halloween.  Tickets will be sold on Wednesday and Thursday during lunch.  Each ticket is $1.00.   Please send money in an envelope or baggie.  Proceeds will be used to purchase fleece to make blankets for the animals at the animal shelter.  If your child wins a decorated pumpkin, it will need to be picked up on Thursday after school or Friday.

Substitute Emergency

Good Morning Parents!

I am aware that there were many concerns this morning regarding the substitute teacher situation in the district.  I just wanted to reassure you that the situation is being handled with the utmost diligence.  We have a really strong team both at the school level and the district level and will work together to ensure our students our supported.  This morning, I have had teachers volunteer their preparatory time to fill gaps, parents have both offered support and stepped in until our substitutes got their clearance and arrived, and district wide cabinet members and staff staying in constant communication with the school to ensure that all vacancies had been filled and we had the support we needed.

Substitutes for today are all set!!!!  Our substitutes were able to get in to ASC early this morning and got cleared to come in.

Kudos to Dr. Maleyko and his team at ASC for putting a plan in place so quickly.  We are so fortunate and extremely blessed to have such strong support from students and parents to district leadership.  Our extreme gratitude goes out to all!

Mrs. Lazar

Arrival/Dismissal Traffic Safety Reminders

Dear Howard Families,

We are very aware that there will always be challenges with the flow of traffic during arrival and dismissal times due to the volume of cars and the limited width of the streets in front of the school.  The Howard community is again asking for your cooperation in helping to make this process as smooth as possible.

In teaching our students to become successful citizens during their school experience and through life, the Howard community puts our focus on three traits that we all as the staff in the school try to model for students at all times.  These traits are a part of our schoolwide PBIS culture and they are to be respectful, be responsible, and be safe.  In this circumstance, these traits can also serve as a guide to assist us in resolving our traffic flow challenges.  As stated, our mission is for everyone who is a part of the school community to model these traits to our students at all times.  Therefore, I implore you during these very crowded times during the school day to:

Be Respectful:  Follow all traffic laws/rules and be courteous and patient with each other.  This includes:

  •  Please do not park on the southbound side of N. York closest to the school as this is for drop off and pick up only.  Parking along this lane causes bottlenecks and makes the congestion more severe than it needs to be.  
  • Please do not park in the bus lane, this is marked with the yellow curb near the flagpole, this area is for busses only.

Be Responsible:  We are each accountable for our own actions, which includes following the ordinances even when nobody is watching.

Be Safe:  Please heed all traffic signs and proceed with caution, especially at the crosswalks where students are crossing. (Lawrence/N. York, Edward/N. York, Oak/N. York, Wilson/N. York)

By staying true to the guiding principles of our schoolwide culture, we can work together to help keep all children safe.  The only way to accomplish this challenging goal is by working together.  I truly appreciate your assistance in making traffic flow as smooth and safe as possible for all of us!

In Partnership,

Mrs. Lazar

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